What Is the Most Common E Cigarette HEALTH THREATS?

What Is the Most Common E Cigarette HEALTH THREATS?

By using e cigarettes, you will be at risk for all the dangers associated with tobacco. Not only does it contain nicotine, nonetheless it is also filled with toxins and poisons. If you’re not careful, you might start smoking because of an e cigarette health scare rather than even be familiar with it. The main danger associated with these cigarettes is the proven fact that there were no clinical trials comparing them to the consequences of smoking a standard cigarette and there is very little information available on the health risks involved.

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There exists a reason why cigarettes are classed as tobacco and not simply a tobacco product. Tobacco is known to cause many diseases such as cancer. This is not the case with e cigarettes and because there were no clinical trials, there’s very little information on the health issues that they could possibly cause. E-health scaring is nothing new.

There’s been some research in to the dangers of e cigarette health scares. One of these studies was completed in China and has up to now proved that there are some severe health threats involved. This study involved the use of over five thousand people who smoke regularly and found very disturbing results. The analysis compared e cigarette health with that of cigarettes. It also viewed the differences between users of e cigarette and regular cigarettes.

On the list of several types of tobacco products available on cigarettes were found to contain about twice as much tar and much more than four thousand times more carbon monoxide than cigarettes. In addition they contained three times as much nicotine. You will find a shocking statistic that one-third of all cigarette users will develop cancer due to their smoking habit. Therefore the cigarettes will kill more folks that tobacco in this country alone.

This problem seems to only be getting worse with the duration of time. The increase in polluting of the environment is believed to be behind this also it seems that this problem isn’t going away soon either. Research completed showed that smokers who used the cigarettes were more likely to suffer from respiratory problems than non-smokers. The problem seems to be they do not get the nicotine the body must satisfy its normal function of burning off surplus fat and releasing toxins. So long as smokers continue to light, this deadly combination will persist and could eventually kill off the non-smokers. The worst thing of all is that younger generation is more susceptible to begin smoking for the first time and are more susceptible to diseases related to smoking.

If the recent e cigarette health risks have been unsettling for you, then you should consider trying it for yourself. You do not even need a prescription to buy them as you can simply order them online. They’re cheaper and you can find different flavors to fit your taste. vapinger.com They will have become so popular they can be found in almost every store round the country.

An e cigarette is designed to give you that “high” you have come to love from smoking but without the smoke and other harmful chemical compounds. They are a healthier option to cigarettes. It is more difficult for children to comprehend the dangers of smoking but after they try, they’ll be hooked. Statistics show that the number of teenagers who smoke regularly is certainly going up each year. Many of these teenagers would never smoke if they had it very easy.

There are numerous of cigarette health risks, but perhaps the worst are the short term health effects. This includes heart attacks, lung cancer, emphysema and premature death. However, there are also some long term health effects, such as raised blood pressure, stroke, diabetes and chronic fatigue. You can avoid many of these cigarette health risks simply by having a discussion with your doctor before beginning to use one.